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For the last 40 years we have created over 200 wine tastings/dinners showcasing the best of Italy including 2 historic dinners with the “de Grazia World Tour” whose winemakers included Elio Altare, Enrico Scavino, Luciano Sandrone, Domerico Clerico, Giorgio Rivetti, Mauro Molino and Chiara Boschis collectively known as “The Barolo Boys/Girls”.

Not only was Piemonte represented at these but there were top producers from Chainti Classico, Brunello, Vino Nobile & Campagna.

Although Italy is our primary focus we have covered France, Spain Germany, Austria and even Croatia. Our aim is to create a comfortable atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy the wines and a menu created specially to complement them.

I write a semiweekly email about various topics that occasionally goes beyond food and wine. If you wish to stay informed about what is happening at Berta’s please Join Our Mailing List



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